Stadium Juma Masjid

                            Juma Masjid is also known as Stadium Juma Masjid, considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Kannur district. It is situated near Thalassery stadium in the heart of Thalassery town, located close to the Arabian sea. This 1000-year-old mosque was built by Malik Ibn Dinar, an Arab trader who arrived in Kerala to spread Islam.  The activities of Muslim renaissance began in Thalassery from the courtyard of this mosque. Kunjayan Musallyar, a major contributor to the Arabic-Malayalam literature, is also located here. Though the original structure doesn't exist, it has been renovated newly in Indo-Saracenic style. Hundreds of devotees crowd the premises of this mosque during Eid-Ul-Fitr to perform Eid prayers.


    All You Need To Know:       


        District                          -  Kannur

        Entry Fee                      -  Free

        Nearest Town                -  Thalassery

        Nearest Railway Station -  Thalassery

        Nearest Airport              -  Kannur International Airport

        Nearby Places               -  Thalassery Stadium, Thalassery Pier, More

        Location                        -  Stadium Juma Masjid, Palissery, Thalassery, Kerala 670104, India

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How To Reach:

        Airport  –  Kannur International airport is the nearest airport, which is about 26 km away from Thalassery Fort.                     Auto     –  You can hire an auto rickshaw from Thalassery or nearby places.

        Bus      –  You can take private buses either from Thalassery or from nearby places.

        Taxi      –  You can hire a Taxi from Thalassery or from nearby places.

        Train    –  Nearest railway station is Thalassery railway station (0.65 km).