Odathil Palli

                       The Odathil Palli is a 200-year-old mosque located near the old bus stand in Thalassery, one of the popular tourist destinations in Malabar. The mosque was built around 1806 by Moosakaka, a Muslim Keralite, who worked as a contractor of the British East India Company. Moosakaka hailed from the Keyi group of Thalassery. The Keyis were among the noticeable merchants of that time. The site on which Odathil Palli is situated now was once a 'Karimbin-odam'  or sugarcane garden of the Dutch. The name of the mosque is derived from two words - the Dutch word ‘Odam’ which means garden and the Malayalam word ‘Palli’ meaning mosque.


    All You Need To Know:       


        District                          -  Kannur

        Entry Fee                      -  Free

        Nearest Town                -  Thalassery

        Nearest Railway Station -  Thalassery

        Nearest Airport              -  Kannur International Airport

        Nearby Places               -  St. John's Anglican Church, Thalassery Pier, More

        Location                        -  Pilakool, Thalassery - 670103



    How To Reach:

        Airport  –  Kannur International airport is the nearest airport, which is about 26 km away from Thalassery Fort.                     Auto     –  You can hire an auto rickshaw from Thalassery or nearby places.

        Bus      –  You can take private buses either from Thalassery or from nearby places.

        Taxi      –  You can hire a Taxi from Thalassery or from nearby places.

        Train    –  Nearest railway station is Thalassery railway station (1.8 km).




                        Unlike other mosques, Odathil Palli was built in a typical Kerala Hindu Temple Style. The specialty of this mosque is that it has neither domes and nor minarets. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter this mosque. Pilgrims can enjoy the exquisite woodwork on the pillars and walls of this pilgrim center. The highlights of Odathil Palli are that the roof of the mosque is made up of copper and the crown of the roof is made up of gold. The wood used in the interior is beautifully carved. Odathil Palli has mainly three entrances. The initial one is through the main gate near Thalassery old Bus-stand. Next one is through Logans Road, and third is the entrance through the backyard of the building which connected to OV Road. The mosque is still in use for worship today. 

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