Step by step process to create a Gmail account


                      It is very easy to create a Gmail account. Please do the following steps to create a Gmail account.

 1. Visit Gmail website

 2.Click Create an account

3. A sign-up form Create your Google Account will appear.


               In this page enter the required information - First Name, Last Name, Username, Password and Confirm Password. Your Gmail email address will be your username followed by "". When you click on the Next button, it will check the availability of the Username that you have entered. If the entered Username is available, you will redirect to the next page. Otherwise, you need to try another Username until the entered username is available.

 4.  Verify your Phone Number. Google uses Two-Step verification process to make sure that it is really you.


 5.  You will receive a text message from Google with a Verification Code. Enter the code to complete the

      account verification process.


 6. Next page set up Account Recovery options.


           In this form, also enter your Date of Birth and Gender. Google uses this information to protect your privacy and to allow you to recover a lost password. After entering these details, click on Next button.       

 7.  Review Google Privacy & Terms and then click I Agree


Read the Privacy and Terms and then click I Agree button to continue. If you are not agreeing with the Privacy & Terms, you can cancel the process by simply clicking on the Cancel button.

 8.  Account has been created successfully