"City Of Seven Hills "- There are 7 Hills in Thalassery which have helped its prosper and become a legendary town.

These hills are

  • Chetam Kunnu

  • Dharmadam Kunnu

  • Illi Kunnu

  • Koduvalli Kunnu

  • Mailam Kunnu

  • Morak Kunnu

  • Vayalam Kunnu

             Thalassery is half an island lying on the banks of Eranjoli River and surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Eranjoli River and Dharmadam River flow through Thalassery, creating a water ring around it. There are 4 Rivers in Thalassery.

  • Eranjoli River

  • Dharmadam River

Hills & Rivers

  • Mahe or Mayyazhi River

  • Thalassery River or Ponniyam River or Kuyyali Puzha

           Although many rivers flow through this region, unlike Southern Kerala, Thalassery region does not have Lagoons(Kayal). The coast has no delta formation. The coastal plain is only a few kilometers in width and is bordered by highlands.